For any business, office relocation can promote a stressful atmosphere. If proper measures aren’t taken before hand, disruption of normal company functions will increase and issues will arise. For both  sides of the move, management and the move team, having a plan in place will reduce stress and liability complications. After years of first-hand experience, we’ve gathered some points that will be beneficial to reduce these stress agents. 


Research several potential office installers and relocation teams

With the desire to stick within a budget, reaching out and reviewing multiple sources is vital. Attaining a partner whom carries experience in office relocation and installation will come as a huge help. 

Competitive bidding between vendors will help you devise smooth processing of all the internal moving factors. Because of all the factors that come into play, you need a partner who can work with you to develop time lines and map out the move. SourceRelo’s platform provides clients and suppliers    with free tools to initiate, track and complete their relocation projects while still sustaining a budget. 


Recycle Electronics and Purge Old Data

Moving is an excellent chance to “clean house”. An office relocation can pose risk of IT security. Securely purging unnecessary data and safely recycling electronics is one way to lessen that risk. Failing to properly plan can result in lost data, misplaced equipment and unhappy clientele. SourceRelo provides all clients with resources necessary to handle proper disposal of unwanted assets. 


Make Sure All Personnel and Staff are Educated 

Maintaining normalcy within company walls are crucial. Keeping your staff knowledgeable on the move will make the process smoother for all. Holding meetings and answering questions and concerns will ease this stress. Structural transformation is different for every company, although, some practices and techniques can help to alleviate. This is where a Change Management system becomes essential. In order to reduce loss and ensure the positive outlook for clients, we provide our members with a strong Change Management formula to help attain this goal. 


Let us help you move.